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We are small, family based kennel. Every dog is a family member that we care about from the day of birth. Aleksandra is a veterinarian, so our dogs receive excellent health care on everyday basis.

We try to amplify natural hunting abilities of our setters. Everyday walk in the fields is a must. But we also try other activities with them. English setter is always happy to try new things with owner. Gentle, loving character allows some of our dogs work in Canine Therapy. But most of all the are reliable, even-tempered family dogs.

Nasze spojrzenie na setery angielskie w ramach „Rasowego Czwartku”

Ewa Najsarek & Aleksandra Najsarek  Wrocław, Poland

we speak Polish and English    +48 600894361


Richard Grabowski & Małgorzata Grabowski Koeln Germany

we speak Polish and German     +49 1713853092